Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Areas of Comparative Study and their Methodologies with Examples of Saadi’s Works            0000-00-00
2    A Critical Study of the Articles on Comparative Literature in Iran in 80's (based on French School Theory)    Ph.D    Alavizadeh, Farzaneh    2012-02-05
3    A Comparative Study of Men,s and Angels, Attributes and Positions as Reflected in the Mathnavi and Hafiz, Divan.    M.Sc.    nasiraee, fahime    2012-06-10
4    La représentation féminine dans » Les mille et une nuits« et »Nouvelles Asiatiques de Gobineau «: une étude comparative    M.Sc.    khabir, somayeh    2012-11-17
5    The comparetive study of civilization and tradition betweein al-ahmad and hedayat    M.Sc.    jabaruti Rad, farnaz    2013-04-28
6    Al- Abuthiyah poetry and it’s influenced by Persian Do-bayti    M.Sc.    abaspoordarbandi, fazel    2013-06-09
7    study of concept of plagiarism in islamic rhetoric (persian Arabic)    M.Sc.    Jalili Taghavian, Mostafa    2013-06-17
8    peoples, nations and lands in naserkhosrow\\\'s safarname    M.Sc.    KHAVAK, AKRAM    2013-07-07
9    A study of Iran in Ibn Battuta's travelogue with respect to comparative literature    M.Sc.    shariatpanah, zahra    2014-05-28
10    A Study on the Image of Nations in MathnawiManavi    M.Sc.    izadjoo, mahdi    2014-07-27
11    a comparative study on mozaffaredin shah's itinirary and mohammad ali pasha's itinirary    M.Sc.    zare shahri, mahboubeh    2015-05-20
12    The Descriptive-Analytical Study of Articles about Kalila wa Dimna    M.Sc.    EZADIFARD, MOHSEN    2015-05-20
13    The Image of Ethnic Groups in Ibn Fadlan’s Travelogue    M.Sc.    abedi, toktam    2015-06-07
14    The appearance of people in saadiَs works with procedure of comparative literature.    M.Sc.    mohmmadi, nastaran    2015-07-05
15    The Descriptive and comparative Study of two Travel Books of Naser khosrow and Ibn-Jobair    M.Sc.    MANSOURI, MASOUD    2015-09-30
16    A comparative study of paradoxical in a rhetorical texts and Persian and Arabic literature    M.Sc.    Alhajj Jasim, Nihad    2016-02-24
17    Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Faculty of Latrature and Humanities, Dr. Ali Shariati A letter of introduction for the Master's in Persian language and literature degree Title: Reasons of acceptance of Nazarghabani s Works in iran on basis of acceptance theory. Professor Supervisor: Dr. Abu-Alqa    M.Sc.    PORDEL, MOHAMMAD YASER    2016-04-12
18    Imology of Iran in sourat-ol-arz Ebn Hawghal    M.Sc.    pakdaman, mohamadreza    2016-06-05
19    The descriptive critical analysis of articles on sheikh farid al-din attar neyshaboori(1300_1394)    Ph.D    Ganjkarimi, Elham    2016-07-02
20    Image of nations and folks in SHAHNAMEH FERDOWSI from the perspective of comparative literature    M.Sc.    ali ahmadi, zohreh    2016-07-26
21    study of the image of the nations in Nizami`s Khamseh    M.Sc.    Saniei, Farzaneh    2016-08-16
22    Imagology of Mecca and Medina's People in Haj Travelogues of MozaffarAl-din Shah Qajar    M.Sc.    Jahed, Setare    2016-09-24
23    Functions of Persian Literature in Teaching Persian Language to Non-Persian Speakers    Ph.D    Hosseinpour, Hoda    2017-02-22
24    Construction and validation of a Task-Based Proficiency Test in Persian Language    Ph.D    roodmajani, mohsen    2017-06-11
25    Representation of the beloved body in the first part of the first sonnets of Hafez Shirazi    M.Sc.    izadkhah, sara    2017-09-24